Tim Speciale - February 10, 2020

Missing a workout 18 weeks out isn't as big of a deal as missing a workout 4 weeks out.

Missing a workout in November is far less of a risk than missing a workout in May. The closer you get to events, the less leeway you are allowed. The more focus you must have.

Birmingham is a “preseason” race. The meanings behind that label don’t ultimately matter. A few months ago, I didn’t think I would be racing any of these early-season USACrits races but the flight is booked and I am going.

I’m trying to be more patient with my training this season. I’m trying to focus on the summer and its crits. In years past, because I love these races, I have attempted to be fit for spring stage races such as Sun Valley this weekend, and Joe Martin Stage Race in April.

I’m trying to focus my window of fitness a little better this season. Birmingham wasn’t on the schedule. I told myself I didn’t care about Birmingham, and on a level I don’t. But I am going. I’m not changing the training plan, but my window for error is smaller now.

Is this interval over at 36 minutes or 37 minutes?

Don’t know.
I’ll either be right or I’ll be extra.

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